Do FedEx Ground Packages Move on Weekends?

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Do FedEx Ground Packages Move on Weekends?

Do FedEx Ground Packages Move on Weekends

If you’re expecting a package from FedEx Ground, you might be wondering whether your package will move during the weekends. The answer to this question depends on several factors, such as the origin and destination of the package, the shipping speed selected, and the FedEx Ground operating schedule. In this article, we’ll explore these factors and answer the question, “Do FedEx Ground packages move on weekends?”

Understanding FedEx Ground’s Operating Schedule:

FedEx Ground is a shipping service that delivers packages within the continental United States, Alaska, and Hawaii. The service operates from Monday to Friday, with delivery times between 9:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. However, FedEx Ground does not operate on weekends, including Saturdays and Sundays, unless certain exceptions apply.

Shipping Speeds and Weekend Deliveries:

FedEx Ground offers different shipping speeds, ranging from standard to expedited options. The shipping speed selected determines the estimated delivery date and time for the package. If you’ve selected a shipping speed that guarantees weekend delivery, then your package will move during the weekends.

Weekend Deliveries for Different Origins and Destinations:

Weekend deliveries for FedEx Ground packages also depend on the origin and destination of the package. For example, if the package is shipped from a location that is far from its destination, then weekend deliveries might be necessary to ensure timely delivery. Similarly, if the package is shipped to a location that experiences high package volumes, such as a business district, weekend deliveries might be necessary to avoid delays.

FedEx SmartPost and Weekend Deliveries:

FedEx SmartPost is a service that combines FedEx Ground with the United States Postal Service (USPS). This service is designed for packages that weigh less than 70 pounds and are not time-sensitive. SmartPost packages move through FedEx’s network until they reach the USPS, which handles the final delivery. Weekend deliveries for SmartPost packages depend on the USPS operating schedule and not on FedEx Ground.

FedEx Ground Pickup and Drop-off on Weekends:

While FedEx Ground does not deliver packages on weekends, it does offer pickup and drop-off services on Saturdays for certain shipping options. This means that you can drop off your package or have it picked up on a Saturday, but it won’t move until Monday.

Weekend Delivery Exceptions and Restrictions:

There are several exceptions and restrictions to FedEx Ground’s weekend delivery policy. For example, packages that require special handling, such as hazardous materials or perishable items, might require weekend deliveries. Similarly, packages that are delayed due to weather conditions might be delivered on weekends to avoid further delays.

What to Do if Your Package Is Delayed:

If your FedEx Ground package is delayed, you can track its status online using the tracking number provided. If the package has not been delivered on the estimated delivery date, you can contact FedEx Ground customer service for assistance.

Pros and Cons of Weekend Deliveries:

While weekend deliveries might be convenient for some customers, they come with several pros and cons. On the one hand, weekend deliveries can ensure timely delivery for time-sensitive packages and avoid delays due to high package volumes or weather conditions. On the other hand, weekend deliveries can be more expensive than weekday deliveries and might require special arrangements, such as scheduling delivery times.


if you’re wondering whether your FedEx Ground package will move on weekends, the answer depends on several factors. While FedEx Ground does not typically operate on weekends, there are exceptions and restrictions that might require weekend deliveries. If you need a time-sensitive package delivered on the weekends, you can select a shipping speed that guarantees weekend delivery. Alternatively, you can take advantage of FedEx Ground’s pickup and drop-off services on Saturdays. However, keep in mind that weekend deliveries might come with additional costs and arrangements. Ultimately, it’s important to plan ahead and track your package’s status to ensure timely delivery.

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