What Is the Process of Shipping a Package?

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What Is the Process of Shipping a Package?

Shipping packages can be daunting for anyone new to e-commerce or just shipping in general, but don’t despair there are plenty of resources and tips available to assist in the preparation and transport of packages safely to their destinations.

Assemble your shipment’s dimensions and weight before beginning. This will allow you to calculate its shipping costs and select an ideal carrier; small package carriers like USPS and UPS often offer competitive pricing for smaller, light shipments traveling short distances while freight shipping providers may provide more cost-effective pricing when transporting large shipments over longer distances.

Process of Shipping:

Size and weight aside, another important consideration for shipping is service level requirements. This could range from same-day delivery, next-business day or expedited shipping options; and so forth. You should select one that aligns with both your business’s shipping budget and speed goals.

Once you’ve determined your shipping needs, it’s time to pack your package. Whether reusing an old box or designing something special to feature in an unboxing video, follow the Goldilocks rule – your packaging should be just right! A box that is too big will cost too much to ship while too small will not accommodate what needs shipping.For more please visit jenningscontainers.co.uk.

Shipping companies typically offer an assortment of materials, supplies, and tools to assist in packing packages efficiently and safely. They typically have boxes of various sizes and styles available as well as bubble wrap, tissue paper, tape, and more if you need any help packing your parcel. It is wise to include both the recipient’s address on your package as well as clearly mark fragile items with tape to avoid mishandling during transit or delivery. You should also document what’s inside on a form or note just in case something goes amiss during transport or delivery.


If it’s time to deliver your package, bring it directly to the post office or carrier pick-up location and hand it off to one of their postal workers or attendants. When applying postage, weigh your package first before printing a label with its price and ensure it securely adheres without overlaps between seams.

Some major carriers now provide package drop-off kiosks and lockers that make shipping packages from home even simpler. Or use a third-party provider such as PitneyShip to schedule a pickup from either home or work; but for larger shipments carrier pickup may be more beneficial.


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